Since 1959 maintaining its reputation as a solid and dependable non life insurance company in the Philippines.




ComprehensiveGeneral Liability

Motor Car



Personal Accident


Incorporated on                            : March 10, 1959


Commenced Business on             : March 16, 1959

Securities & Exchange

Commission Reg.                         : CS200906196


Administrative Order No.              : July 31, 1959


Tax Indentification No.                  :000-881-312-000V


Vat Registration No.                     : 94-300-001158


Beginning Paid-Up Capital

as of March 16, 1959                   :  Php 500,000.00


Paid- Up Capital                           :  Php 272,000,000


Authorized Capital Stock              : 4,000,000 shares


Issued Capital Stock                     : 2,720,000 shares


President from 1959 to 1982        : Mr. Ang E. Han


President from 1982

to June 2013                                 : Mr. Ang Ka Bo


2013 to Present President            : Olivia Ng Cha Ang


Everyday, the company aspires to be a responsible member of corporate society.



 The aim is to maximize the performance of the company and to ensure the financial soundness of the company. Hence, reports closely reflects the outcome of NISCO’s operations and its financial strengths.

NISCO ensures that it is publicly accountable in a fair, honest and equitable manner.  Officers and employees of NISCO do not have any conflicts of interests in the performance of their responsibility in providing services not only to the company but also to the public.

NISCO’s board ensures that company’s assets are safe and protected from risks such as underwriting risks, reinsurance risks, investment risks, geographical risks, operational risks and legal risks.

NISCO protects the interests of all policy holders, claimants, creditors and minority shareholders by disclosing controlling and substantial interests and by complying with the provisions of Title 20 Chapter III of the Insurance Code on Holding Companies and related party transactions.


272 Dasmarinas Street, Binondo Manila

Tel no. (+632) 2429330-32,  2429334, 2446289

Fax no. (+632) 242-9337

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